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In the realm of fitness and personal training, staying updated with your clients’ progress is crucial. The Workout Coach, a renowned free software for Personal Trainers, has just rolled out an exciting new feature that’s set to revolutionize the way trainers interact with their clients’ workout achievements.

Tailored Notifications: Keeping PTs in the Loop!

Personal Trainers (PTs) now have the option to receive notifications whenever their clients complete an exercise program that they have set. This feature is designed to enhance the connection between trainers and their clients, ensuring PTs are always in the know about their clients’ accomplishments.

How Does It Work?

  1. Customisable Alerts: PTs can choose to activate or deactivate notifications for each client. This means you receive alerts only for the clients you’re closely monitoring.
  2. Real-Time Updates: As soon as a client completes a program, PTs receive a notification, providing immediate insight into the client’s adherence and progress.
  3. Client’s Exercise Summary: Notifications include a brief summary of the completed program, offering PTs a quick glance at what was accomplished.
  4. Seamless Integration: This feature is fully integrated with the existing client management tools within The Workout Coach, maintaining a streamlined experience for PTs.

Benefits for Personal Trainers

  • Enhanced Engagement: Stay engaged with your clients’ fitness journeys, even remotely.
  • Motivation Boost: Acknowledging your clients’ achievements can be a significant motivator for them.
  • Efficient Tracking: Save time by not having to manually check each client’s progress.
  • Personalized Coaching: Use the data from completed programs to tailor future training sessions.

Putting You in Control

We understand that every trainer has a unique style of coaching. This feature puts you in complete control – choose to be notified for all clients, some, or none. Tailor the app to suit your coaching approach and preferences.

How to Get Started?

It’s easy! The feature is already available in the latest update of The Workout Coach. Simply go to your Clients > Manage Clients settings, and you’ll find the option to manage your notification preferences in the dropdown at the bottom of the page.


This new feature is a testament to The Workout Coach’s commitment to making personal training as effective and interactive as possible. Whether you prefer to be intricately involved in your client’s day-to-day progress or want occasional updates, this feature is designed to cater to your professional needs. Embrace the future of personal training with The Workout Coach! 🏋️‍♂️💪

There’s something invigorating about witnessing the journey of an application from its initial launch to achieving significant milestones. Today, we’re celebrating an exciting achievement for a fitness platform that has been making waves in the online community — TheWorkout.coach has now garnered over 6000 registered users!

The Genesis of TheWorkout.coach


Before we dive into the present, it’s essential to look back at where it all began. TheWorkout.coach began as a simple idea: to provide dedicated Personal Trainers and other fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike a platform to track, plan, and optimise their workouts.

The 6000 User Achievement


6000 might seem like just another number, but for a platform as specialised as TheWorkout.coach, it’s proof of the growing trust and the burgeoning user base that swears by its lean efficacy. Each of these users represents a story, a fitness journey, and a testament to the platform’s ability to deliver on its promise.

What Makes TheWorkout.coach Stand Out?


While there are numerous fitness apps and platforms available most are overly-complicated and packed with lots of features that user’s never use. TheWorkout.coach has etched its unique niche. Here’s why:

  1. User-Centric Design: The interface is intuitive, ensuring that both tech-savvy individuals and those less familiar with digital platforms can navigate with ease.
  2. Customisable Plans: Recognising that every individual has unique fitness goals, the app enables PTs to tailor individual  workout plans.
  3. Continuous Evolution: The team behind TheWorkout.coach actively seeks feedback, ensuring the platform continually evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of its users.
The Future Looks Bright


With 6000 users already on board, the trajectory for TheWorkout.coach is clearly upwards. Given the platform’s dedication to delivering value and its commitment to enhancing user experience, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this number double or even triple in the near future.

In Conclusion


The journey of TheWorkout.coach is an inspiring story of how dedication, a clear vision, and a user-focused approach can create ripples in the digital space. Here’s to many more milestones and to a community that keeps growing stronger, fitter, and more connected.

If you haven’t yet, check out TheWorkout.coach: https://theworkout.coach and be a part of this ever-expanding fitness family. Cheers to every leap, every squat, and every registered user that makes this platform the gem it is today! 🎉🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♀️🧘‍♂️

A myth has been prevailing surrounding the fitness industry for ages. People believe that cardio work wonderfully for weight loss and strength training is strictly confined to muscle building. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Strength training has proved to be a much better option for weight loss. You can strip off excess fat from your body while retaining your muscle mass. In addition, if you make cardio your only priority for losing weight, you will reduce your metabolism rate due to the loss of muscle mass. Although strength training might not provide you with sweat-dripping instant satisfaction, it works amazingly in the long run. If you are not sure where to begin, free personal trainer software can introduce you to strength training for weight loss. Read on to have a broader view of the concept.

Burn Calories

The equation is very simple. Strength training leads to muscle gain, which burns three times more calories than fat. The National Academy of Sports Medicine has suggested muscles be fat-burning machines. They believe that the more muscle a person has, his capacity to burn calories goes up. So even after getting out of the gym, your body still uses calories to repair the muscles. And this entire process contributes to your weight loss journey.

You can boost your metabolism rate to 5 per cent. Following a strict diet and counting your calories will accelerate shedding those extra pounds. Studies have revealed that strength training also helps resist gaining the weight back, apart from helping to lose it. It especially works in preventing the return of belly fat.

To maximize calorie burn, avoid too much rest in between your sets. Strength training is quite intense, and it demands higher fuel use. And your body provides fuel by burning up more calories. At the end of the day, your trainer can keep track of this through an app of fitness software for personal trainers available online.

Higher Base Metabolic Rate

The more lean muscle you have, the chances of calories burning increases while your body is at rest. Generally, people with more muscles have a higher base metabolic rate (BMR) than others. This is because a muscle’s energy requirements to keep functioning are way more than fat requires. So having more muscles will automatically accelerate the rate of your calorie burn.

Constantly, your muscle is broken down, synthesized, and created. This process demands a lot of energy. Therefore, when you build more muscles, your calorie deficit increases along with weight loss. You are lighting up your metabolism by building more muscle. And this could be possible only through strength training.

Remember not to put too much stress on what the scale shows. Instead, start measuring the fit of your clothes. Since fat is less compact, it takes up way more space. If your weight remains the same on the scale, but you observe changes in your clothes fit, you lose fat. Just know that it’s the effect of the growing muscle on fat.

Add strength training

You are supposed to consume fewer calories than you burn for weight loss. Undoubtedly, muscle building will assist in that process. However, you still have to watch your calorie intake per day. You can add both cardio as well as strength training to your routine.

Go for strength training thrice or more per week for 45 minutes to one hour. If you want to keep it limited to your home, make the most out of fitness software for personal trainers available online.

The more strength you have, the less work it requires to do the aerobic exercise. For instance, you can go running faster for a long time with stronger glutes. In addition to that, having a stronger core will correct your posture while biking.

So, do not ditch your cardio completely. Plan your exercises wisely, which involves both cardio and strength training. Make sure to throw some weights into your workout routine three to four times a week.


Besides helping you lose weight, strength training also helps improve posture and endurance, reduces injuries, and builds strength. Studies have revealed that it helps boost cardiovascular health and improve bone density and cholesterol. As we grow older, strength training helps retrain muscles and prevents them from getting replaced with fat.

For losing weight, always make sure to lower your weights and increase your reps. If you’re a bodybuilder focused on building muscles, train with heavier weights and go for fewer reps to isolate different muscles.

Nowadays, personal training has been replaced with free personal trainer software. One of the best available in the market is The Workout Coach. Now gyms and trainers can track their client’s progress through this app. You could say this works completely like a digital gym. You get rest periods between sets, detailed reports of every session, and much more.

A wide range of subscription options is available to suit everyone’s pocket. We have catered to many people from the fitness industry, and they’re quite satisfied with the services. So now it’s your turn! For further queries, you can write to us at support@theworkout.coach.

You have just been certified to provide your services as a personal trainer. What next? How do you progress and help your clients’ progress in their fitness journey? Even if you are certified, things aren’t yet sorted. So, what are you supposed to do? The first thing you need to do is look for reliable personal trainer software. While you do that, the next thing you need to do is hone your existing skills.

With time, you will realize that you need to add something more to the toolbox. Of course, your certification and education will give you a strapping foundation. But, the key is to refine some basics throughout your career because learning never stops.

But, before we note down the personal training skills, let us understand who a personal trainer is.

Who is a personal trainer?

You might have visited your gym and consulted a common gym trainer. But, the fitness experience delivered by a personal trainer is top-notch. These trainers create a one-on-one fitness training program that adheres to the client’s custom needs. For example, your client might wish to gain muscle or lose weight. With the aid of their experience, personal trainers will create specific workout plans to help achieve this.

Clients might not get access to a personalized training experience with a regular gym trainer. So, the journey to achieving fitness goals might be slower than expected. However, the fitness journey is smooth and streamlined when guided by a personal trainer. The results are better with no negative consequences.

Now that you know the basics of who a personal trainer is, let us check out some secondary skills. Honing these skills help personal trainers deliver a better training experience. In addition, the training becomes more streamlined with personal training software.

Important Personal Training Skills For Better Client Experience
1. Business Skills:

Achieving success as a personal trainer is tough. This is especially true in the connected market via the fast-paced internet. The competition is stiff, and being an experienced/educated trainer doesn’t always translate into success.

Apart from being a certified personal trainer, you need to have the following skills:

  • Social Media Presence
  • Marketing Skills
  • Networking Capabilities
  • Business Acumen

With these skills and the added benefit of free personal trainer software, you can create a lasting career for yourself.

2. Sales & Marketing:

For a personal trainer entering the fitness sector, enrolling on a sales & marketing class can be helpful. This will help you learn how to sell your services to potential clients. To succeed in any domain, we need to be responsible and sell our services to the best potential. So, before you get yourself a client, the key is to determine the right sales pitch.

Give your client a sense of value and perception for your service or product. Here, you are the product as a trainer. And the services you provide are personal training. If your client places their trust in you or your services, you will succeed.

No one would want to purchase when you can’t sell your services or yourself. Marketing & sales are skills only a few can master. Another great skill is to know the best ways to package and price your services. This should be done in a way that ensures you profit in the short and long run.

Plus, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, in-person personal training is hampered. To mitigate the issues, you can use online personal training software. This software will help you connect with the clients even when you are far apart. In addition, remote training will help guide the clients and maintain their fitness cycle.

3. Time Management/Organization:

Time management is a skill everyone should have. Remember the age-old saying, “Time and Tide Waits For None”?

This applies to a personal trainer as well. Every trainer should be structured and organized regarding their client’s workout routine. When paired with reliable personal trainer management software, you can also ensure:

  • Performance Tracking
  • Time Organizing

Being skilled at these aspects help maximize the training schedule for clients. It also helps personal trainers stay on top of the appointments.

4. Understand the Technology:

To stay on top and surpass other trainers in the market, you need to understand the latest technology. First, however, you need to get to the basics with several software technologies in the market. When you understand the technology faster, it is easier to implement it for your clients.

Software such as the one provided by The Workout Coach helps personal trainers and clients with:

  • Workout Routine
  • Client Success
  • Scheduling
  • Nutrition Tracking

This will help the personal trainer and the client connect remotely. Today, the need to embrace data-tracking platforms and wearables has increased. When incorporated into your client’s daily workout routine, it helps enhance the performance tenfold.

5. Glitch-Free Communication:

This, by far, is the most important aspect of succeeding as a personal trainer. You need to have excelling written and verbal communication skills that will help in:

  • Writing Blogs
  • Meeting Clients
  • Giving Presentation
  • Social Media Posting
  • Email Communication with New, Old, and Current Clients

Communication is basic for any profession. When you communicate with your client daily, it helps you track the success or failure of your client. It will also aid in the improvement of the current workout strategy and implement a new one.

6. People Skills:

Most veteran personal trainers mention that it is crucial to interact with the clients. Most personal trainers know the best ways to teach plank or squat to their clients. So, as a personal trainer, what is something new you will provide?

When you relate to the clients, you can create a strong and reliable rapport. When you add to this personal trainer software, trust in you as a trainer increases.

7. Empathy:

To be a good personal trainer, you need to be able to understand the client’s perspective. You need to understand why there aren’t any results despite so much effort. The problem could be emotional, physical, situational, or simply a weight loss plateau. Regardless, it would help if you thought as your clients do.

This is where empathy comes in. It is understood that one cannot be naturally empathetic. However, the skill can be developed. This skill is critical to gaining, growing, and keeping your existing clients. When your clients relate to you personally, they put their trust in you.

Regardless of the knowledge, if you cannot connect with the client, it isn’t going to work out for you. Unfortunately, most new personal trainers do not have enough life experience. This is mostly because they fall in the 20 to 30 age group category. So, not much can be expected in this context.

Sure, there are exceptions, but the general purview is this. A glaring area in this context is the absence of self-awareness. Even if you lack empathy as a personal trainer, you need to learn the basics from an experienced professional. Try to spend some time role-playing & practising some motivational skills. Be a leader with whom your clients can connect and share their issues.

For example, if your client is dealing with pain when performing a set, you can directly ask them. Or make sure they are comfortable enough to share the same with you. If they are uncomfortable sharing their experience, they might hamper their health. Pushing through the pain is fine if it doesn’t physically hurt you beyond repair.

Some pain is expected during the exercise routine. However, if the pain becomes unbearable, make sure the client shares this with you.

8. Mental Flexibility:

Another skill you need to pack in as a personal trainer is mental flexibility. Trainers must adapt to different client personalities while still being themselves. This will help reduce any personality clashes and ensure a smooth training experience.

9. Behavior and Nutrition Change:

A nutritionist and a personal trainer are quite different but are two important parts of one’s fitness journey. Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand. But, they are two different sections of expertise and knowledge. In this context, personal trainers must educate themselves regarding the client’s nutritional requirements.

You should also understand the need for a personalized client diet, not just general information. You can provide basic information, but you need to have the right credentials for diet chart preparation. The basic nutritional understanding helps you be comfortable in providing the clients with a general recommendation.

Apart from nutritional knowledge, it would help if you also focused on behavioral modification. It might be difficult for you to communicate with clients given the social distancing norms. To mitigate this issue, you can make use of personal trainer software. This will allow you to communicate with the clients and focus on their nutritional needs. The results can be disappointing if you fail to guide the clients nutritionally and physically.

Can You Be An Ideal Personal Trainer?

The skills noted above can help you and your clients thrive. So, make sure you obtain these educational necessities and skills to become successful in your career graph. Moreover, the implementation of the latest technologies is always recommended. So, ensure that you have the best free personal trainer software to help your business succeed.

Your journey as an ideal personal trainer starts with education and certification. But, this is only the start. Remember, learning never stops. This is why a doctor is always in the “Practice” mode. The same is also applicable to a personal trainer. With different clients, you deal with different personalities. So, you always learn something new in the process. While doing so normally can be a long process, things can be simpler with personal training software.

So, there is no such thing as an ideal personal trainer. But, you can be an ideal choice for your clients. So, please provide them with the services they seek in the best possible manner. But, in the end, your efforts should be genuine and fulfilling for the clients.

You can have all the qualifications to be a great fitness trainer. But, if your intention & effort isn’t up to the mark, you can never be an ideal trainer. Each trainer attracts clients drawn to different techniques or styles.

Transition As A Successful Personal Trainer

When you enter the fitness industry, you might not realize its potential initially. As a personal trainer, you can keep training your clients or transition into a different branch as you go. In addition, you can specialize in the niche population you feel confident in. For example, specialising is the key if you plan to be a trainer for people with physical restrictions.

Most of all, implementing online personal training software will help you transition better. You can even educate other new personal trainers. Additionally, you can write for certain fitness publications, be a mentor, or own a fitness chain. Your choices are endless.


Fitness is subjective to one’s perception. You can look heavy but still be fit or look too thin and lift heavy loads. The need for fitness varies depending on the age group, gender, or existing height/weight. Your client roster shall increase when you practice the right fitness essentials as a personal trainer. You can also expand your existing employment opportunities. In the end, your goal is to cater to the client’s requirements. The easier you make it for your client, the better are your chances to succeed.

Are you looking for top-notch personal training software to streamline your training sessions? Then, head over to The Workout Coach and double your clients without burnout. Using this software makes your work effortless and streamlined as a personal trainer. Best yet, you can register 5 clients for free on your account. To know more about our personal training software, write to us at support@theworkout.coach or give us a call at 020-7871-0900.

Managing your own personal fitness business is not easy. Jam-packed schedules complicate matters even more. You’re the fitness trainer, marketer, and manager – and it’s not easy. Consider how software can make your life so much easier.

Think of it this way: using personal trainer software is like having an extra pair of hands to help you scale your business. The software or app has fantastic features that allow customers to stay in touch with you.

Impressive, isn’t it?

In this blog, you shall learn about all of the features of our own personal trainer software app that will help you scale your business.

What is personal training software?


A personal trainer software platform allows fitness instructors to stay in touch with their clients. The app’s tools make it simple for instructors to manage appointments,

This personal trainer management software also provides a window for the instructors to maintain a large number of clients with ease.

  • Managing Clients: By signing up on the app, the clients will be able to know your availability and schedule sessions accordingly. You, as a trainer, will be able to provide personalized fitness goals. You will be able to notify them about your upcoming sessions or events and also can keep track of their payments.
  • Customized Services: Without the worry of managing your client record, you will be left with ample time to give each of your clients the attention they deserve. Customize their workout routines and set their personal fitness goals. Set their diets. And engage with each of your clients on the chatbox and friendly reminders.
  • Grow Your Business: With personal trainer software, marketing your business is easy. You will be able to reach multiple locations by offering your customized online services and embedding them on your website.

These tools help both trainers and clients. They help trainers manage their time and easily engage with clients. This app also has an advanced built-in user interface that helps the clients track their progress and schedule sessions. Payments are made easy for the trainers as well.

Features of Personal Trainer Software


The Dashboard

Through the app, your clients or users will be able to track their progress. For e.g., they will be able to keep track of the calories they burnt or the number of steps they took.


This feature is for the coaches only. You can store clients’ contact information on the online database and perform various assessments. Keeping them updated through friendly emails and reminders is also easy.


Workout reminders, payment notifications, daily goals, missed sessions, and messages it is all included in the notifications. With messaging and notification settings on the app, your client will stay updated on everything.

Schedules and Bookings

List your availability for group sessions, one-on-one training, and online services to help the clients book their workout sessions with you on the app.

Payment Processing

The payments are secure and safe on the personal trainer software. Online payment options such as Net Banking and PayPal are all available to the users.

Benefits of Personal Trainer Software


  • Since the pandemic, the world has collectively realized one thing: digitization has brought people closer together, even those who live 200 miles away. As a result, the personal software effectively removes all of the physical barriers associated with traditional training sessions.
  •  Capable of reaching clients from all over the world
  •  There are no restrictions on the number of clients you can train in a single day. Your clients can exercise on their own time now that they have easy access to resources. As a result, you will have the opportunity to broaden your clientele.
  • You can continue to work even if you are sick.
  •  With a large number of clients, trainers can earn more money. The free personal trainer software allows you to reach those clients who are fitness enthusiasts but do not want to visit the gym. It’s a win-win for all.


With advancing technology, there’s nothing that is impossible. It is now possible for business owners such as you to stay productive with the help of these apps.

The trainer apps have in-built features that cater to their users, both fitness coach and their clients alike. Applications such as The Workout Coach are able to increase the level of productivity in users.

When you choose to register on the app, you choose freedom. You choose creativity. And you choose quality above all else.

Aren’t you impressed with the cool features of this amazing software? Just think how this could make your life easy. The Workout Coach offers the best personal trainer management software in the UK. Sign Up on The App Now! For further queries, reach out to us at support@theworkout.coach or give us a call at 020-7871-0900.