Keeping Track of Client’s Progress with Personal Trainer Management Software

As a fitness instructor, you need to keep track of your client’s progress in terms of fitness. You also need to ensure that the determined goals are being met. This might not be possible in scenarios where remote learning is important. The introduction of personal trainer management software has made tracking your customers’ progress easier.

We’ll go through the many forms of progress monitoring & why it’s essential in this post.

Here are a few of the reasons why measuring fitness progress is critical:

  • Assists you in keeping your clients’ objectives at the center of the process
  • It demonstrates how your customer is functioning
  • It may be utilized as a terrific motivating tool
  • It can assist you in holding your clients accountable
Different Types of Progress Monitoring

You may keep track of your client’s development in various ways. Even better, with the usage of personal training software for trainers in recent years, it has been easier. Some basic techniques to track your client’s development are shown below.

1. Graphs for Tracking Exercise Progress

Tracking your client’s workout outcomes is vital to ensuring they stay on track and demonstrate how much they are growing. When you begin training a client, you must have a foundation of data to work from. After that, you can modify their routines & weights as needed.

Data sharing has made it easy to keep track of your client’s progress. Once the customer completes their daily routine, the data entered can be shared. It can be seen in the form of graphs or numbers accessible by clients and trainers. Simply put, it can be accessed through the personal trainer management software. Of course, you may also print or mail them at any moment!

2. Body Measurements & Evaluation Tracking Diagrams

Preliminary body measurements & evaluations are excellent techniques to check your client’s development. Body measures include biceps, calves, hips, forearms, & waist.

Assessments with personal trainer management software also cover strength, flexibility, & cardiovascular fitness. These are all things you ought to do with your first clients & track with time. It will show you & your customers:

  • How much they’re progressing?
  • What aspects do they need to concentrate on?
  • How near are they to reaching their objectives?
3. Communication

Contacting clients between training sessions might have a significant influence. This may be a brief phone or message to check in & see how they’re doing. Moreover, it could be various emails to give encouragement & provide relevant, valuable information. The essential thing is to get in touch daily so that they keep on schedule & have their long-term objective in mind.

It is critical for you & your customers to achieve their training objectives with personal training software for trainers. Having a client exceeding their fitness & health objectives under your guidance can benefit. They’ll be more likely to continue training with you – & to suggest friends, family, &coworkers to you.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are priceless, and they cost you nothing but your expertise. Your customers’ outcomes are a perception of your fitness abilities. So, please do everything you can to keep track of their development & keep them on course for success.

4. ‘Before & After’ Pics

A simple visual message may sometimes say lots. You can take a head-to-toe image with personal training software for trainers. However, make sure you seek consent from your client. Ensure that they are fine with sharing pictures. The frequency can differ depending on the results sought after:

  • once a week;
  • once a month; or
  • once every six weeks

With this method, your client will have a realistic view of their physique, to begin with. Moreover, a tremendous pick-me-up once they begin to notice genuine changes.

You may also use these photographs in your marketing, with their consent, to graphically show the results you assist your clients in achieving. It’s an old trick, but the adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Therefore, it can be a very efficient approach to explain the details of your business.

5. Nutrition or Workout Records

An exercise journal might help customers who are detail-oriented & need to have everything jot down to pinpoint where they’re going wrong to stay on track. Instruct them to keep a food diary & to write down the titles of each exercise, & the sets, repetitions, & weights. And to do so, personal trainer management software is essential.

This documentation serves as a great incentive and gives valuable input into their lifestyle. Moreover, it also indicates areas that may be limiting their development.


Using personal training software to track a client’s progress is straightforward & takes less time than you think. Tracking your client’s progress is straightforward with body measurements, workout progress graphs, & evaluations, & progress images. Moreover, we hope this article is very helpful to you & you will face no further issues with it.

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