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Power up your business now with The Workout Coach, the best way to manage your Personal Training business or gym. Put all of your clients data in one place to keep them motivated, on track and coming back to your business.

Professional & Easy-To-Use

For trainers and gyms it’s free to use. Your clients pay a small fee of £3 a month, and from that money you receive £1 back. So when they use our service, you get paid. Removing risk and creating an additional revenue stream.


Record workouts with ease

The Workout Coach makes recording workouts easy. No one wants to be wrestling with their phone when their hands are shaking after a tough exercise. Track sessions in three steps.

  1. Select the exercise
  2. Spin the dial to select the correct weight or distance
  3. Click to log, and it’s saved

Our easy-to-use system means that clients can get started with the service right away at your first session.

Maximise your time with clients

Instead of wasting time trying to find out what they did at the last session, client data is at the touch of a button, so you can focus on training them.

Log sessions with the mobile app

Clients want a simple solution they can use on their phone. Carrying notebooks is fine for Mr Olympia, but the rest of us can easily record workouts with the mobile app.

Connect with your clients

Our app messaging service means that when you aren’t there clients can still easily ask questions about sessions or specific exercises.

Track workouts


View all your clients’ workout data in one place from anywhere at any time. Use reports to see their progress and spot trends.


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Choose your custom domain name, then invite your clients to join you at:

Simple plan – No fuss.

Completely free for personal trainers and gyms. Clients pay a small fee of £3 for the monthly service, which can be cancelled at anytime. For each subscription, you receive £1 back to your business.

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Power up your business now with The Workout Coach, the best way to manage your Personal Training business or gym. Put all of your clients data in one place to keep them motivated, on track and coming back to your business.

A secure solution developed by a company with a track record of solving problems in the Health sector

  • NHS Manchester Career Path
    “The Career Path tool will prove invaluable for staff and managers alike during this challenging transition period.  I’m most impressed by the ease at which information may be uploaded, shared and utilised.  This is a very welcome innovation to facilitate ongoing staff / career development and address capacity issues efficiently.  I hope that everyone maximises its potential as soon as possible as this is where the most value will be added.”

    - Joanne Downs | Assistant Director of Finance, NHS Manchester

  • NHS Manchester Career Path
    Well done on delivering an easy to use web site that will allow NHS staff to search for job opportunities in the emerging NHS structures. The project team have worked hard and kept us informed as this has developed and the end product, the web site, is a very customer focused tool for us to use.”

    - Simon Wootton | Chief Officer, North Manchester GP Commissioning Consortium

  • Warrington NHS Secure Online Patient Database
    “The team quickly identified a gap in our data and reporting capabilities on a large contract. Because they have managed this type of data management work before the solution was very fast and surprisingly cost effective. As a result, data governance is stronger, we have saved a lot of staff time and the customer has seen a step change both in the service and the communication we now provide.”

    - Mike Barker | Director (Strategy, Partnerships & Communications) NHS Warrington & Halton Foundation Hospital

  • NHS Manchester Career Path
    “This is a very innovative tool for engaging staff and providing opportunities for future employment ensuring we retain experience within the NHS. It is easy to use and will be a very useful tool for managers to use with their staff. At this time of uncertainty within the NHS it is refreshing to know this team has been proactive in developing a tool to standardise, simplify and provide HR information in a format to identify “specialists”, short and long term employment opportunities!”

    - Karen O’Brien | Associate Director Primary Care Commissioning, NHS Manchester