Additional Payment Options for PTs

Following user feedback we’ve added a new way of onboarding your Clients.

The Workout Coach is setup so that PTs can use the system totally free of charge. This is NOT changing. But we have had feedback from a number of PTs who said they felt uncomfortable in passing on the $4 monthly cost to their Clients. One of our PT customers but it very succinctly to me:

“I already charge them a lot for my services, it feels wrong to add an extra few dollars on top”

So we sat down and though how best to solve this dilemma. We wanted to ensure that PTs knew they could still use the system totally free of charge, and that costs were only incurred if they liked the system enough to invite their Clients into their account to they can share and track progress. Plus we didn’t want to lose our unique pricing setup.

So what have we done? Well, we now have two options:

  1. Free for PTs to use, and then Client pays $4 per month (with $1 commission going back to the PT).
  2. Still free for a PT, but they can also buy a block of licenses, and give those to clients so that they don’t have to pay.

These options are available rom the “Clients’ link in your Account (see main image above). All you need to do is purchase a block subscription from your Settings page, then specify which method of payment when you invite your Client.

And as a bonus, because you’re buying more than one, we’ve made the prices a little cheaper too:

  • 5 Clients: $15 ($3 each)
  • 10 Clients: $22 ($2.20 each)
  • 20 Clients: $36 ($1.80 each)
  • 40 Clients: $65 ($1.63 each)

We’ve also made sure that you can swap Clients in & out of your account. So if you have a 10 client license and someone drops out, then you can invite a new, or existing, client to take that space.

Starting today, you can now add as many Clients into your account as you like, with prices as low as $1.63 per month – a very small price to pay for being able to manage more Clients, and track their progress whenever they go to the gym for a session without you there.

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