New ‘Rest’ module goes live into Program Builder

It was a relatively normal day here in the office, and then we received a support email from one of our PTs subscribers, with what sounded like a simple request:

“Hi, loving the product, but I wondered if you’d be able to add a ‘rest’ option into the Program Builder so I can instruct my clients to take a break for a short time between exercises”

Our first thought was to suggest that you could already create a custom exercise, call it something like “30 seconds rest” or “2 minute rest” and then add these into any program… But somehow that didn’t quite feel like a good enough solution. It felt like we’d missed something that a lot of PTs might also want to use.

So we thought about it for while longer, what would be the best way to present a rest period to a client, and how do we help PTs add these into existing Programs? It was looking more and more like a great new benefit…

And so we decided to really ‘do a job’ and not only create a new module so PTs can easily add any length of Rest period they wanted into the Program, but also create a lovely ‘countdown timer’ on the front-end that the Client can see how much time is left until the next exercise.

Sounds simple – I mean how long could it take? A couple of days, maybe three at the most?

Er no, almost 3 weeks as it turns out! As there was a lot more logic to work out so that the whole process was as slick as possible, and added useful extra functionality to the software, but without any added complication for the PT or client. Plus we needed to ensure that Clients could skip through a rest period if the machine they needed wasn’t immediately available (We all know how busy some gyms can get!)

but now it’s complete, and we pushed the new code into the system over the weekend. Now all PTs need to do is click the small “ADD REST” icon at the bottom of the Program builder, and then select ’Seconds’ or ‘Minutes’ then input a number – everything else is taken care of and your Clients will see a beautifully designed countdown timer telling them how long they’ve got left.

We hope you enjoy it – and please keep sending us ideas or suggestions to help improve the product and make it more useful for you all.

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