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Power up your business now with The Workout Coach, the best way to manage your Personal Training business or gym. Put all of your clients data in one place to keep them motivated, on track and coming back to your business.

Professional & Easy-To-Use

For trainers and gyms it’s free to use. Then if you decide to invite your clients into the system, to manage and track their workouts, then you can choose from a range of subscription levels to suit your needs.


Record workouts with ease


The Workout Coach makes recording workouts easy. No one wants to be wrestling with their phone when their hands are shaking after a tough exercise. Track sessions in three steps.

  1. Select the exercise
  2. Spin the dial to select the correct weight or distance
  3. Click to log, and it’s saved

Our easy-to-use system means that clients can get started with the service right away at your first session.

Easily build in rest periods

Working your clients extra hard? Let them have a rest between sets – but only for the length of time you specify


Add in your Managers

Do you run a gym? Or perhaps you’ve just got too many clients to manage them effectively 1:1 ?

The Workout Coach allows you to add in ‘Manager PTs’ to help you manage clients and their program results. Manager PTs can also view all the Clients in your account, edit their plans and view reports.

Free Software for Personal Trainers
Maximise your time with clients

Instead of wasting time trying to find out what they did at the last session, client data is at the touch of a button, so you can focus on training them.
*Apple Watch app coming soon.

Log sessions with the mobile app

Clients want a simple solution they can use on their phone. Carrying notebooks is fine for Mr Olympia, but the rest of us can easily record workouts with the mobile app.

Detailed reporting

View reports of each workout session, showing how well your clients performed in every set and in each of the programs that you have created for them.

Track workouts


View all your clients’ workout data in one place from anywhere at any time. Use reports to see their progress and spot trends.
Choose your custom domain name, then invite your clients to join you at:

Simple plans – No fuss.

Contact us for larger numbers of clients:
50 users / $18 (0.36¢ per client)
100 users / $25 (0.25¢ per client)
200 users / $40 (0.20¢ per client)

Completely free for Personal Trainers and gyms. You only pay if you choose to invite Clients into the system so you can share workout programs and track their progress.

Watch our PT Tutorials to see how easy it is to get started

The Workout Coach – Overview

How to build your first Program

Managing Categories & Exercises


benefits of personal trainer software

Benefits of Remote Training During COVID

image of skipping rope for fitness

‘Skip’ Feature added (+ RPE option)

A quick demo of an ab crunch machine

New Demo video upload feature

screenshot of personal trainer software demo

New ‘Rest’ module goes live into Program Builder

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Power up your business now with The Workout Coach, the best way to manage your Personal Training business or gym. Put all of your clients data in one place to keep them motivated, on track and coming back to your business.

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  • The Workout Coach is working out great to keep a hassle-free track of my client’s progress. I love how easy it is to create and assign programs. The support team is always quick to answer any questions I have. Easy To Fitness 

    - Wayne Evans | Easy To Fitness Blog

  • I love the how everything functions and how the workout look on your phone

    - Tia Roberts – Physio Atelier

  • I am a trainer who has just started using The Workout coach and I’m really finding it a great asset to my work

    - Aimée Clara Dance & Fitness Professional

  • Absolutely loving this app. I have just started using it with clients and they are loving it so far as well.. it’s making working out on their own that much easier.


    - Jackie Nel | Owner and professional Trainer at Just Fit by Jackie Nel

  • The Workout Coach is a really useful little app. I love how I can quickly build multiple programs and assign them to my clients to keep an eye on their progress. Plus the support team have been really proactive and keep making it better and better.


    - Tom Bassett | Fitness Specialist and Mental Wellness Development in business and schools.

  • Having looked over yours I have to say I’m quite impressed I have registered and look forward to coming to grips with it, once again thank you.


    - Dave Wade | Personal Trainer at Sabrefit personal training

  • It looks great; easy to use and very professional.


    - Liz Ward | Sport Injury Management

  • It looks impressive. I can really see how this could be of benefit to my business. Thank you


    - Melanie Woolley | Advanced Home & Outdoor Personal Trainer

  • I have registered to theworkout.coach – it looks pretty good!


    - Marta Nava | Personal trainer and fitness instructor